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Conditions of Use

Business terms

We ship the fastest way we can, by DPD (German Postal Service) which usually takes 1-3 workdays (Mo-Fr) in Germany. Orders received by 12:00 noon get shipped at the same day and may be delivered by the next day, without guarantee. Some delays in shipment cannot be avoided, in
these cases we offer partial shipment at your request.

Return policy
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it to our mailing adress (femi nails cosmetics e.k.,Hauptstr. 1-3, 67756 Hinzweiler, Germany) within 2 weeks of delivery. Please note that shipping and handling will not be refunded. Special orders and sealed products you opened
up are excluded from return policy.

Return policy conditions
In case of an effective revocation, received benefits of both sides are to be refunded and custom advantages pulled. With a degradation of the commodity indemnification according to value can be required. This is not valid, if the degradation of the commodity has been exclusively upon examination (as in the instance of a retail store). In all other respects you can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by not taking the commodities in use as an owner and avoiding everything, which impairs their value.

Flawed product policy
The catalog pictures do not always depict the shipped product. This is due to changes in our assortment or suppliers for various products. Flaw claims are not fulfilled when changes are reasonable. We are commited to eliminating flawed items, however if this does occur, we will ship replacement in reasonable time. If it is unreasonable in cost to repair or exchange your ordered product, we are entitled to replace your product with another similar product. We will carry the cost of replacement in this case. You are entitled to price reduction or cancelation of your order if we are unable to replace your order with a similar product. If you have not chosen a price reduction, flawed items have to be returned. We are only able to reconcile flawed items that are indicated within 2 weeks of shipment. We will naturally reimburse the cost of shipping and handling in this case.

Conditions applying to return policies
We strive to negotiate without legal involvement for a better customer relationship, therefore are we willing to negotiate after legal deadlines. Due to the high cost of unpaid return parcels, we are only able to receive on paid shipments. These will be reimbursed to you. Unpaid shipments will be denied.

Minimum purchase
Please acknowledge that we can not ship orders under the
minimum value of 25,-€

All prices are invalid with the presentation of our new catalog. Prices are valid until the next catalog is released. We are not liable for printed errors. Our catalog is valid for one year, however we are forced to change prices in some cases. German taxes are added to catalog prices for shipments in Germany.

Shipment costs for Germany
For an order value of up to € 130,00 (without taxes, and after reduced prices), the cost of shipment is € 4,50. For cash on delivery shipments (nachnahme) a surcharge of € 5,45 is added. We offer free shipment for an order value of more than € 130,00. Partial shipments are not charged extra!

Shipment costs for foreign countries
Foreign countries are charged individual shipping and handling. We charge only the actual amount of shipment and handling to your country. These are so individual that we cannot offer an overall pricelist. Please wait for our bill before paying.

Foreign country shipment
German tax is added to shipments made within the EU. No german tax is added to shipments outside the EU. However, you must pay customs for your country. We connot give any information on foreign customs. Your bill contains a declaration of origin. For payments from foreign Bank institutes inside the EU you need our IBAN number and SWIFT-code and do it by using the euro-bank-transfer
(SEPA). Fees for money transfers will be add to your bill.
IBAN-Code DE-69 5409 2400 0001 1413 09
Swift-Code GENODE 61GLM
Orders recieved from foreign countries are shipped only after pre-payment. Please wait for our bill.
Payment possibilities

1. Direct debit
You give us the right to pull the given amount from your bank account. Once received the direct debit authorization is valid for further use, but can be canceled anytime. This is only possible with a german bank account.

2. Cash on delivery
A fee of € 5,45 will be added to your bill. Not available in foreign countries.

3. Pre-payments
Please wait for the bill. As soon as we receive the amount given, your order will be shipped.

4. Credit card
New customers are billed by cash on delivery or pre-payment. We reserve the right to pre-payment.
Shipped goods are property of femi nails cosmetics e.K. until the commodity is paid for.

5. PayPal

Other rights reserved
Our offer is non-binding and is valid only in Germany. To the treatment of your order we store your address and relating data. We naturally commit ourselves to a comprehensive protection of your personal data according to the regulations of the Federal Law for Data Protection. Beyond that we assure not to pass your personal data to third persons. The contracts made with us are subject in all cases, also foreign contracts (i.e. orders abroad), to German law. Our business underlies the jurisdiction of the district court of Kusel, and is considered agreed upon. This is also valid for non-commercial buyers. For wholesale dealers and retailers other trading conditions are valid than those specified above.