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ELASTOLAN - Modelling gel

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ca. 1-2 days ca. 1-2 days (abroad may vary)
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Highly elastic and resillient modelling/build-up gel, available in three viscosities without acid additive.
This transparent pink gel is very easy to work with and
requires little file work. Low heat development when curing.                        
Transparent rosy color.
Curing time: 2 minutes.

• Elastolan 1 Due to it´s low viscosity, acts smoothing and is very good for fill ups.
• Elastolan 2+3 Due to a higher viscosity they are suitable for complete modellings.
• Elastolan 3 Due to its high stability, is highly recommended for nail templates
  (sticky or non stick nail formers).
• Elastolan M has a medium flowing consistancy and contains methacrylic acid for better bonding 
  with problem nails.

Our advice: Select a higher viscosity at higher room temperatures in the summer, 
                   a medium viscosity at lower room temperatures.